About Džezvica

Dzezvica (CZ, SK, GR) is inspired by rhythms and melodies from the area of the Balkan peninsula and gipsy songs. Cello, guitar, accordion, viola, flute, and percussion in original arrangements of folk songs. Dynamic and cheerful songs, asymmetrical rhythms, and sorrowful ballads wrapped in colourful polyphonic singing and solo parts.

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Audio samples from our last CD:

  1. Trece un nouraș pe sus
  2. Zamuči se božja majka
  3. Eche je, Panaja
  4. Jovano, Jovanke
  5. Ocho Kandelikas
  6. Jani mu to mandili su
  7. Bojarka
  8. Solnyško
  9. Što j pa moru